Anyone else has used it on large dogs? WebCollars with inward facing spikes will be banned from dog shows and training classes under proposals to be discussed by the Kennel Club. Once i got knocked over and broke my pinkie and my cheekbone. I know you said you have to be careful with how hard they pull with the prong collar Im just worried my dog pulls too hard and may injure himself because my dad even has a hard time walking him. Im so glad you were able to keep your dog! Below is a step-by-step guide outlining the steps we took and the timeline we used as we worked toward our prong collar ban. So, they write, if you think wearing a prong collar would hurt, imagine how your dog feels., Along these lines, Dr. Zazie Todd, who runs the Companion Animal Psychology website, notes, We tend to think that since dogs have fur they must be more protected from these things than us with just our skin. I havent used the collar since. I have a now 2yr old Jack Russell (he's my 5th one)but he's my first reactive, leash aggressive one I've had. No more shoulder injuries for me. I recommend the 3.0 mm size for most medium to large dogs. Putting a prong collar on him that would make him uncomfortable or hurt him would further harm him mentally. Stay strong and be confident in knowing you are doing everything right! Small prong collars are for dogs with necks up to 12 inches, and medium prong collars are for dogs with necks 12-16 inches. For example, shock collars, sometimes called e-collars or electronic collars, are banned in the United Kingdom, but they are legal in the United States. Do not walk or move while he is pulling and turn around in the opposition direction are two ways to stop the pulling even with a standard collar. The prong collar is not meant to instill fear. If you choose to use a restraining collar, why do you do so? Im not sure you have the experience to recommend this nor have the dogs best interest in mind. There are many other options to try before using a prong. And trust me, my dog knows how to communicate if he doesn't like something. We rescued a 14 month old, 80 pound, muscular, untrained male doberman and walks with him were impossible. I love my dogs prong collar. And if you follow my guidance with pupdates? If it works to stop a behaviour, it must be because the animal found it aversive (if they liked it or didnt notice it, it wouldnt reduce the frequency of the behaviour).". After class the instructor told me that she would bring a collar to the next class that should help with him and asked that I come a little early so she could show me how to use it. Sometimes they dont even know this is happening. Should the collar only be used while walking? And never crate the dog with it on. Kodi will be 2 yrs old in September this year, originates from a rescue center and has been with me from 4 months of age. Then, watching YouTube videos last night, I came across Solid K9 Training (Jeff, above in this blog) and discovered that I was using the prong collar ALL WRONG even on my first dog. He is only c. 30 lbs., a puggle, but very strong. This surely is a win-win for all. I think our dog is fearful that our son is causing him to get negative corrections. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Unfortunately, Kodi is one of those dogs that take you for a walk and not the other way around.. so i am wanting to try a prong collar, he gets so over stimulated when we go for a walk its almost unbearable.. pulling, barking, hyper over the top behaviour. Some of the above is excerpted from Unleashing Your Dog: A Field Guide to Giving Your Canine Companion the Best Life Possible. This is always very stressful for me and I get there praying there wont be another dog in the waiting room. Are you supposed to leave the spike collar on all the time? The OSPet offers a prong collar that is ideal for medium and large dogs with the maximum length of the collar at 24 inches and a diameter of 0.14 inches or 3.5 mm. But I urge you to give it a try, as youve read by all the comments below, the prong collar can be life changing. Please see ourfull disclosurefor further information. PostedApril 25, 2019 Thank you for this resource. Sam has a lovely temperament and not an aggressive bone in his body, hes just over friendly and too big to be jumping up at people because of the risk of injury. That creature is way stronger and way more dangerous than a german shepherd so why keep perpetuating the same rubbish?. WebDog keeping regulations in Germany 1. P.s. Thanks so much for sharing your story Jessica! She is 38 lb. My personal stance? But I just wonder if I will ever experience joy in our walks. The pair review the recent Norwegian breeding bans on English Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Marylands newly-passed prohibition on feline declaw surgery, and other recent legal changes in animal law. Your story along with all the others brave enough to share will helps others in your same situation. This isn't the case in England, where they're legally allowed to be used without restriction. A type of collar designed to hurt dogs as behavioural punishment is set to be banned in Queensland. I have a 48 lb Whoodle who would wear the gentle harness on our walks in our old location (CT) where wed go 3-4 miles on a weekend and was great exercise for both of us. Victoria, you and your pup are a perfect example on how the prong collar is such a life-saver! These tools of control are often necessary, but we should remain alert to the diverse ways in which they can inhibit a dogs freedoms and the ways these devices can themselves be harmful to our dogs and to us. Choke Chain Collars A choke chain collar is another inhumane training tool. We have two dogs, both staffies, that are really bad on the leash. The state government will introduce legislation into parliament to end the use of pronged dog collars, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on Sunday. So, I have yet to try a prong collar, but doing all this research on it has really made me consider that I should. With the gentlest reminder, and no indication that she had felt anything at all, my dog turned straight back to me, looking happy and ready to take notice of me. Instantly what a difference, no pulling, no zig zag walking. As we were completing this essay, Mary told me the following story that horrified me. This needs to be done with good training. I just want her to be happy and enjoy the world! Came to me weighing 43lbs, greatly malnourished (the rescue had fixed all the medical issues and had to adopt him out, so not complaining) since then, he is well nourished at 68 lbs.still pulls like a fiend sometimes. England Shock collars are banned in Wales, but with the help of a new proposal, the cruel devices may be banned in 2. So make sure to watch the videos in the post about fitting and training. Knowing what you value will help you build the most meaningful life possible. We felt like failures having practiced with her every single day several times per day with no success. Karen. I had the stigma that the prong collars were abusive. Also, as the author mention, there are huge differences in the quality of a Pet Smart pinch collar and a Herm Sprenger (the recommended brand). Some times he forgets its on and tries to run and its clear hes in pain. Before that, we tried the gentle-leader head harness, which she HATED, and either shut down when we put it on or she would often push through it anyway, to where I worried that she would hurt her neck. Lets be realistic, Im not here to change your mind, and you will never be able to change mine. We would like to try one more time to change their walking behavior. It's always good to remember that a dogs neck is delicate and can be injured by violent jerks on a neck collar and even, presumably, by sustained hard pulling. She wore a harness. But a dogs neck is a very sensitive area. I took my unmanageable dog to a basic obedience class and the teacher told me to get one. As a trainer, it breaks my heart, because I know how the story often goeswhile the owner may have been intending to diminish and disrupt jumping, she was likely unintentionally building an association between strangers, dogs, and shock. Controversial prong dog collars were recently banned by the government of Australias most popular tourist destinations, Queensland, home of the Great Barrier Reef and Gold and Sunshine Coasts. After I brought him home I tried to take him for walks but he would literally drag me down the street at a pretty fast pace. Front-Clip Harness. I so hate to see good, effective training tools totally demonized. My wife bought the plastic" command collar" it did have immediate results, but i cannot get past the fact that they are all plastic. Thank you for this article devilifying prong collars. I have a reactive dog when out, other dogs, cars and people but an absolute gent when in the home. In the end, I realize the prong collar is very controversial, but please do not bash it unless youve had experience with a dog that pulls so hard you can not walk him. I love him to bits and am looking forward to enjoying our walks from now on. I used positive reinforcement in training him to walk since he was 3 months old. You dont need a prong collar. Our goal with the program was full obedience. I love hearing all the success stories. We recently moved to a suburb of Boston where walks are now exercise but also to do her business. Prong, or pinch, collars can look similar to a limited slip or martingale collar, other than they have metal prongs that protrude toward the canines throat when the pet uses the collar. Its important to check that all links are secure before putting on your dog. I have only used the style that the prongs go all the way around the neck, so I cant speak of the effectiveness of the ones that dont. Russian/West Germany working/showline. Ive noticed several times that ours become lodged and arent connected all the way, leading to it easily being able to break apart when the dog pulls. Every interaction made me terrified someone would try to get our dogs kicked out of the neighborhood, especially since staffies are technically dangerous. Shadow received an award at the end of the class for Most Improved. Note: I just received an interesting email asking if it's possible that some dogs hold grudges against their guardians and trainers who mistreat them with aversive collars and "other abusive training techniques." Just train the right way the first time and dont seek shortcuts.. However when it comes to walking on a lease he is a puller and aggressive. So no, in theory it should not need to be used for ever. Due to the lack of oversight and requirement for education, certification, or professional standards, as well as the often ambiguous language used by various dog trainers, many well-meaning dog guardians who just want the best for their dogs are being misled and often talked into using force, fear, and pain to train. Also, we wear a 2 wide flat collar on our Dobe with the prong so that the prong stays high on his neck where it belongs. At first, she thought it was OK, but she had a bad feeling about it. Picking up a prong collar tomorrow. So now Im looking to eliminate the lunging at joggers, bikes, people walking towards us with or without dogs and the occasional car that she decides is a threat?? Got a wonderful lab mix last summer; believe he's never been trained or on a leash. Eventually you can stop using the collar, once she understands pulling is not acceptable. In fact, they do quite the opposite for the latter. Depending on what you are using it for, you can keep it on during the day, but take it off at night when the dog is sleeping. I follow Jeff Bellman and Skype with him occasionally and love his transparency & honesty about the training tools he uses. A good behavior trainer is best in situations like this. This must never happen. Collars are known to be associated with whiplash, fainting, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, crushing of the trachea, partial or complete asphyxiation, crushing or fracture of the bones in the larynx, dislocation of the vertebrae in the neck, bruising of the esophagus, damage to the skin and tissue of the neck, prolapsed eyeballs, and brain damage. We have tried positive reinforcement with food items, turning to head a different direction when he pulls (hoping he will learn to follow the human), and have tried at least another half dozen other recommended methods. I can't buy one here in Australia so will have to take a chance of ordering from overseas and hope it doesn't get stopped by Customs. We mediate and control access to the physical and social worlds of our dogs quite a bit. WebProng collars work by causing discomfort (pain/punishment) when the dog pulls against it. After our outing I realized how overwhelmed he still gets with new scents and experiences. The collar is designed to create even pressure around the neck and distribute the correction so it can be considered kinder than a choke collar, choke chains, or slip leash alternative. But yesterday I had to take my dog, an 8 year old 84lb rottweiler, to the vet. I dont want her to listen to me just because she fears what comes if she doesnt. A petite woman in her mid-40s walks her 100 pound rottweiler with some difficulty. Oftentimes, breed is an excuse Oh, hes a German Shepherd, he needs a prong or hell be out of control well no thats not really true is it? If you think prong collars are cruel, think about it this way. The information is readily available, but it is a little more buried than I would like to see. What a life changer. So, the reason he has to be carried into the house is that he wont move when he has a leash on. I did read Netherlands. It is very helpful. There was never so much as an indent in his skin and I was able to easily control him for the first time. Where do we draw the line? Lets join this trend!. We worked with a balanced trainer to begin with and we saw some improvement but didnt want to use a prong because of their reputation. Furthermore, it is downright dangerous to leave either choke chain or prong collar on dogs if not working. Because puppies learn really easily. Our dog is very responsive to positive training with treats, but he is also food aggressive which makes me nervous to use around my son (and he is sometimes so excited about the treats he cant pay attention to training). Is It Time to Ban Shock Collars for Dogs In All Situations? Electric shock collars for cats and dogs will be banned in England, the government has announced. I had a guy ask me yesterday, as my dog and I were riding the bus, why I had a prong collar on him. Im not a fan of harnesses, as they provoke pulling. However, if used in the wrong way, collars can lead to serious or even fatal injury." This one is really important, before you use any tool with your dog that you understand how they work and why your dog will respond to it especially when they cannot communicate their needs or feelings clearly. This was the same store I had been in days earlier with Bear and could barely hold onto him where he was now sitting next to me at the register!!!! Ive heard about this collar from a Whoodle group Im in but am concerned that I wont use it properly and will hurt her. Theres rarely a time where a prong is genuinely needed in a good relationship with your dog. It certainly would not work if you kept yanking on it all the time. As sweet as he is, I ended up on the ground numerous times and my husband was tired of having his arm yanked in the wrong direction. No matter what treats or happiness we used, she always found a way to push ahead and not pay attention to us at all. We make a concentrated effort to take him as many places as possible and have found some really great dog friendly parks, wineries etc. These countries include Austria, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, and parts of Australia. With the prong, he is walking next to me instead of pulling and I can walk him easily with one hand. P.S. One is 2.0mm (small) and the other is 3.0mm (medium). After 5 years we still must put it on him when in public even though we still do training in private with him frequently to get him to behave on a regular collar. Im sure it was the pressure of the flat collars during walks that was causing the problem, and I can only imagine how bad it might have become over time. I have a question about prong collar fit- do the prongs need to go all the way around the neck circumference? We decide when they eat, what they eat, when and with whom they play and also decide when, where, and for how long dogs get to be outside each day and, perhaps more subtly, by imposing the physical constraints of collars and leashes, which guide the speed and direction of a dogs movements. I have used a prong collar to walk my German shepherd and it has been a blessing. I found the prong collar to be far more humane than say a shock collar, a flat collar, or even an ill fitted harness. I finally gave up on my fears, and holy cow I was in control. Hes the sweet dog I knew him to be. Why did I need to try all those tools? I remember over 10 years ago they seemed to have a bad rap. No matter how prey driven, no matter how strong. The first of its kind, the flagship plan aims to ensure the UK is leading the way in animal welfare and includes a ban on the use of electric shock collars, a move which has been long-campaigned for by The Kennel Club. We only introduced it after 31/2 mths at which point Ive learnt to read my dog and I have the knowledge how to manage him and descalate his triggers etc. Will the collar help all that? Thanks! Doing so exposes your dog to an inordinate amount of danger, damage and risks that just are not worth talking about. Exhaust other options Fit it properly Use an experienced trainer (who admits what it is and how it works) Use as designed Pick a quality one (no rubber tips! The UK has also banned shock collars. (see Training Methods and Devices for more details) Then, when they do something right, or are questioning themselves, the fact you dont pop the leash means that they get a rush of relief. If it werent for the prong collar, our super sweet 70+lb lapdog would not have been able to stay with us. New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, the Canadian Province of Quebec , and many others have made prong collars (and in many cases choke and shock collars) illegal. | If your dog pulls you when trying to walk him or is leash reactive, I strongly suggest you consider using a prong collar. When used correctly the prong collar will immediately stop your dog from pulling you. Cheers! She quickly realized she wasnt a dog person and wanted to rehome her. No amount of chicken, ham or hotdogs were getting our dogs attention when she reacted. On our first walk, with a 20 minute session he was heeling, sitting, and responding to down and stay commands like never before. We have beautiful, stress-free walks thanks to this great tool. I trust my trainer completely but every single person in my life is telling me my specific dog does not need the prong collar. Why was CodeMiko banned? ), she completely changed. They out weigh me, so its important to have them under control. Weve been using a Ray Allen Brand, the prongs go only partially around his neck/the collar. My Australian Shepperd is very very active and extremely loveable and he pulls like a German Shepperd. It was like I was walking a totally different dog altogether. Most of the citys bylaws carry a $240 fine for infraction. It was suggested that we use the prong collar on our 3 month old Bichon/Shih Tzu who just started training. My advice would be to give it a try w/ a professionals guidance to see if it could solve your dogs leash pulling habit. If you use the prong collar correctly and correct your dog BEFORE he takes off for the rabbit, then yes. I will post my update soon! This made walking him difficult as he wanted to get to anyone or anything he saw. 2. BTW the trainer only recommended this after understanding the extent of our dogs A.D.D. I have a 2 yr old Havanese and have had him since he was 8 weeks old. I thought it was very well written and informative but also not an any other method is terrible. Also we may all live to see tomorrow. Am thinking of getting a prong collar for my dog because he recently lunged at a cat he saw and pulled me over. Decided to use the old prong collar on a walk to the post office with Bow today ???? Our campus officially banned prong collars on January 24, 2017. Now I have an American Foxhound, and while she does pull a little bit at the beginning of a walk she settles right in with her harness pretty quick. I thought prong collars were for out-of-control vicious dogs! The fact is, the prong collar, when fitted properly, is designed to be the most humane way to train and to NOT harm your dog. I would not use a prong collar for him. In these places, it is illegal to sell or use shock collars on dogs. My dogs come running with excitement when they hear their prong collar come out. Some foster dogs come to us without any leash skills and in order for me to be able to walk them with my dogs, I need to quickly teach them how to walk on the leash without pulling, and a prong collar is a great tool for this. Familiarise yourself with canine body language, particularly stress signs. If the prong is desingned not to be uncomfortable or cause pain, how does it actually work? There are no quick fixes, and training is not a one time and done type of thing. So yes, I agree, if used properly no issues, in the grand picture it gave her ultimate freedom in living her best dog life. A few thoughts first, you need to not care what other people think. Thank you for this article! This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience, which means I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. When it is pulled tight the prongs create a pinching effect, which causes pain or discomfort for the dog. I know that he understands what I want him to do when I tell him to walk close and he does it on occasion, but is too wired and easily distracted even at three years old to maintain a loose leash. New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, the Canadian Province of Quebec, and many others have made prong collars (and in many cases choke and shock collars) illegal. Youll never know whose life youve saved. It can save everyones sanity. Animal welfare law changes to include prong collar ban 9 May 2022 Tony Keim The banning of prong collars used to restrain dogs is one of suite of proposed changes in the Queensland Governments first review of He clearly is afraid of the leash. The biggest pup I fostered (who was also a tripaw) did really well with a prong collar but when it was first recommended to me I didnt want to try it. Whether or not a dog wearing an e-collar, prong collar, or shock collar is largely happy or living a good life, the reason these devices work is that they cause some degree of discomfort, pain, or distress (regardless of the level of intensity). Though she is a pretty good heeler without it I feel safer and feel like she is calmer with it on. And it absolutely does!!! I have never been more grateful for this training tool, I love my dog and have put a lot of work and money into training him. The collars are brutal due to the fact that they typically lack a quick release mechanism. also, does she always have to use the prong collar? It could be killedalong with the child flung into the windshield as her mother hits the brake. Thank you so much for your story Terry! Thank you for providing this resource, however nothing would change my mind about it, ever! The guardian did not want to lose control of her dog, so she pulled him back toward her and continued to do so until the dog across the street was out of sight. Suggestions? Alot of times, he walks ok, but not great. But its illegal for individuals to import them. Hi! Dr. Jennifer Cattet notes, "A study of 424 dogs seen by chiropractors revealed that 91% of them who had neck injuries were pullers or had experienced jerking on the leash by the guardian (Hallgren, 1991).". Im sorry to hear that you havent found a trainer that will work with you. Stand behind your product and tell people openly the truth! Weve invested a lot of time and money in our training and I feel like we have to go back to the drawing board. A TWITCH influencer has stunned her fans and was temporarily banned from the platform after a terrifying video. Did You Know Anxiety Can Enhance Our Relationships? What appealed to me the most in your blog is when you talked about how safe prong collar dogs are because they cant damage your dogs trachea given that they are going to be properly used. Started training obedience day 1 (8 weeks of age)he (was) a nervous jrtnot fearless at all. She is happy and waiting for me to put it on. This is the information I'l looking for also. I can only hope that the prong collar helps as I am having a hard time controlling him when people and animals walk within eyesight. You are most likely reading this because your dog pulls on the leash, is leash reactive or you cant control your dog on leash, right? I whole heartedly believe the prong collar can change peoples and dogs lives. During the first class Shadow had his own agenda and set out to personally meet and greet every student in the class. Two, Find a trainer that will work with you and the prong collar. If you do try the prong collar, make sure its high up on his neck, just below his ears. So glad you found a trainer to guide you! I recently entered the world of dog ownership by adopting a rescue. Numerous people who choose to share their lives with a dog also choose to use various types of collars, including electric shock collars (e-collars), choke collars, or prong collars that are connected to different sorts of leashes, both of which give people varying degrees of control over their canine companions. He is absolutely gorgeous and has the sweetest disposition. I can even run in the park with him without getting dragged or jumped on. Every once in awhile he will just chill on the kitchen floor by us.but the last day he is all puppy. A prong collar is a device that has metal fang-shaped prongs on it that is worn around a dogs neck. They allow pet parents to walk their pup on a leash and they provide a place to hang ID and vaccination tags. Of course I do not know this dog. And then comes the debate of aversive vs positive. Will a prong collar help? He had good manners (or so I thought) and was very very love able. It is unfortunate that some people just arent willing to see past that book cover, and see what the prong collar really is a very humane dog training tool. We were very skeptical at first because it does look a bit barbaric. Truth is she was the best dog I could have ever had the privilege of rescuing. WebHidden Prong Collars. I used a pinch collar 3 times and he learned that quickly and never pulled out of the leash again. Toronto (Canada) attempted a ban on prong and choke collars, and it passed, but was then turned over within the next month. Now presume there is a fence (metal picket fence/devils fork) in the dogs way and he decides to jump this but your choke or prong hooks on the live ring. What the dogs were bred for has absolutely no relationship to their bad manners (which you have inadvertently taught them). I can get away with taking her to off leash parks sometimes but I dont always have the time to drive there as Im also mom to 3 kids. It was life saving for me. We have read numerous articles and watched dog training videos. It used to be he wouldnt move at all when we set him down, but now he runs to go outside it runs away from us when were outside (we have a fenced in yard so he cant get away).

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